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Simone Moir - Let's Take Frustration out of Meditation Workshop

Simone learned mind-over-matter Meditation aged 12 in a hospice and ... let's say it worked as she’s here and blessed to share every day from an overfull cup of gratitude for life. She is a reiki Grand master and loves nothing more than fertilising your holistic growth.

In this workshop you will take away one powerful quantum activation exercise that positively influences all 7 DIMENSIONS into balance in less than 15 min. No experience needed and all levels welcome.

Have you given up on meditation? You will explore and transform the most POWERFUL ELEMENT often missed. One simple practice to address all 7 Dimensions of you. Using this 15min quantum activation will get you into FLOW uncovers your strains and energy leaks in your system so you can tune into balancing and healing at the highest level with ease and curiosity.

2.30pm Small Studio

Block required

45 mins

Instagram @meltmystress

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Ashley Roy Nutrition - Simplifying the Nutritional Noise Talk

Ashley is a Nutritional Therapist who is passionate about simplifying the nutritional noise to provide a realistic and manageable approach, showing you it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming to nourish your body and optimise your health.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the plethora of information going around about what to eat/what not to eat? Are you tired of fad diets? We are all busier, more stressed and time poor than we have ever been. This session will simplify the nutritional noise around supporting your mental and physical health with food. You will leave armed with nutritional tools and tips rooted in joy and nourishment.

3.30pm Classroom 

45 mins

Instagram @ashleyroynutrition

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Ana Fit 2 Shine - Preperation to Splits Workshop

The full splits is a pose that makes a good party trick and looks impressive on photos. For many of us, it can also feel unachievable. While this workshop realistically won’t get you from zero to full splits, it will equip you with stretches that will gradually get your hips, glutes and hamstrings closer to this feat of flexibility. A great way to progress in your yoga practice, from home.

1.15pm Small Studio

Blocks & Straps required

45 mins

Instagram @ana.fit2shine

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The Yoga Crow.png

The Yoga Crow - Breathe Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to understand the importance of the breath, how to breathe well and why mouth breathing and shallow breathing does not support us.

Caroline is a trauma informed yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for 25 years, with over 1000 hours of training, she guides inclusive yoga classes in Edinburgh and online for adults and young people with special interests and long covid.

4.30pm TechCube Studio

Straps & Blocks required

45 mins

Instagram @theyogacrow

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froggy - Simone Moir.jpg

Simone Moir - Practical Energy Therapy Workshop

We all know when our energy is off - either too low or buzzy nearly electrical and nerveous. Imagine it would be childs play to balance yourself and help loved ones energy shift from: worry to calm, fear to trust rage to tolerance, sadness to gratitude, fake to true. Learn about the difference between vibration and Energy to find more ease and flow in your life. The outer world followes the innerworld - every time 100%

Small Studio 4.30pm

No Kit Requirements

45 min

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WanderWomen -
Outdoor, wellbeing & mindfullness adventure

Anna set up WanderWomen in 2018, empowering women in the outdoors. Facilitating outstanding, award-nominated Outdoor events in a unique mix of mindfulness and adventure in and around Edinburgh, you will be treated to some thinking space, stepping away from screens and worries, and connect to like-hearted women.

With only 8 places available, these sessions are sure to fill up fast. (There will be a small extra charge to attend this bespoke outdoor adventure in the Meadows.)

4pm Meet at main entrance

Please bring suitable footwear, water proofs, bottled water, a mug, and plenty of warm layers, as well as a journal to take notes.

Snacks and hot drinks are provided.

90 mins

Instagram @wanderwomenscot

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Hannah Buchan Coaching - Get Unstuck & Manifest a Vibrant Life Talk

Hannah is a coach who specialises in getting women unstuck and living more. Through storytelling this workshop will explore the science and stories behind how you can move from niggling discontent to living in a way that lights you up (often without changing any of the big stuff).

11.15am Classroom

45 mins

Instagram @the_live_more_coach

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