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Strawberry Lemonade Events is a corporate event agency running a host of events including the Edinburgh Yoga Festival and Bordering on Wild Sports Film Festival.

They have worked with household names including TED (talks) and Prince Harry, convinced John Bishop to sell pies at the Liverpool Christmas Market, interviewed Jamie Carragher about winning the Champions League, launched a pop up social enterprise cafe with Ricky Tomlinson and somehow convinced the world’s most decorated MotoGP mechanic Alex Briggs, to join them in Edinburgh for a night of racing stories.

They are also a social enterprise whereby they train, recruit and mentor people facing social exclusion issues such as homelessness and mental health challenges. They do this by working in partnership with other social impact organisations and by running our “Event Management Fundamentals” course. For more information on their social impact click here.

SLE is founded and run by Sian Downes. Sian before setting up SLE in 2018 was Head of Corporate Events and Marketing at Street Soccer Scotland, Scotland’s leading Sport for Change Charity. She has three times been named a Top Event Planner in the UK and since 2014 has helped raise nearly £1m for charity and social causes. Sian has a passion for Motorcycle Racing, social change and ensuring guests are always well fed!

SLE operates across Scotland, Liverpool and is always open to working on fun and exciting projects anywhere in the world.

The Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach Projects stems from their deepest belief that the far-reaching benefits of yoga and meditation should be accessible for everyone, no matter their state of health or economic status.

They work to change the perception that yoga is for fit, flexible people and instead focus on the therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone. They offer a space for anyone who wants the opportunity to simply move and breathe in a way that feels good for them.

They have made it our mission to offer yoga and yoga therapy to as many people across Edinburgh as possible. They take yoga to the places it is needed most, developing affordable community yoga classes in low-income areas and working with local support organisations. 

Their belief is that through the practice of yoga, breathing mindfully and learning to pay attention to the body individuals can learn skills of self-compassion, acceptance and regulation of the nervous system contributing to their own sense of wellbeing and health and building stronger, more positive communities in the process.

They cannot do this work without the generous support of those who believe that yoga can benefit everyone in our society.

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