Join me for some fun yoga as I take you on a virtual holiday whilst we explore some poses on the mat.


Anusara yoga is alignment based hatha yoga using uplifting themes to help you really feel the poses.


In this hour I will start with some breath work and centering then we will move through a range of standing and seated poses before we finish with some restorative poses and back to our breath to finish.  


You will need two blocks and a strap for this class.



A take on a classic vinyasa. Delve into this opening practice with an open mind, and leave with an open body. This invigorating practice will leave you feeling light and relaxed. Find a new path through your flow by moving how you want to move! All levels welcome.


This is your opportunity for some time out, a chance to slow down, enjoy the urban outdoors, a chance for deep breathing, apply selfcare and grounding, reflection on life, connect with nature and with like-hearted women!

What to expect:

-Mindfulness, Adventure, Nature Awe and   Connection

-Snacks and hot drinks are provided, as well as     seat mats.

-You will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated,   inspired and happy to be alive, smelling of fire   and freedom!

Please let me know of any food allergies and potential health issues and conditions, access needs, etc.


Meghan Campbell Yoga offers vinyasa yoga with focus on physical sustainability. Meghan is passionate about mobility, allowing you to access fluid movement at any level of your practice. Meghan's classes will give you the opportunity to gain a new awareness, respect and understanding of your body & mind.


Charlotte Boyd//Firm Feet® will open the festival with a softening sound meditation. Aliven and gently wake into the day, preparing your body for movement by receiving soothing and healing sounds. In this session, Charlotte uses her voice, gong, tuning forks, ocean drum and singing bowls to create an energizing yet calming effect. Charlotte will soften into your body with gentle breathing and body relaxation techniques.

Charlotte is Movement Facilitator and qualified Sound Healing Practitioner, certified by the College of Sound healing. She created Firm Feet® in 2015 with the aim to make movement and sound accessible for all and to encourage everyday mental wellbeing. 

Charlotte is Movement Facilitator and qualified Sound Healing Practitioner, certified by the College of Sound healing. She created Firm Feet® in 2015 with the aim to make movement and sound accessible for all and to encourage everyday mental wellbeing. Charlotte has taken her work to many mental health projects, campaigns and worked with people in recovery and therapeutically in London and Europe. Charlotte also offers 1:1 Sound Therapy sessions at Fior Clinic on Hamilton Place and Edinburgh Alexander Centre on Clarence Road in Stockbridge. 


The Five Rites (Rituals) is a series of yogic exercises from the Buddhist branch of yoga. The movements are thought to be over 2500 years old, with the potential to positively affect your mental health, increase vitality and even prolong life.  The class will start with the first rite and progressively integrate the remaining four as we move through a Vinyasa Flow - finishing with a seated meditation. 


Melissa aims to create a vibrant and inclusive environment, and encourages you to have fun and get to know your fellow yogis before and after class (safely of course). The flow of Tibetan Rites is dynamic and potentially challenging - an excellent opportunity to practice patience, self compassion and lightheartedness.  


HIIT & Flow is a blend of high intensity interval training and yoga inspired movements. Expect to get your heart pumping,  and release those feel good endorphins with bursts of high intensity body weight exercises followedby short rest periods and then calm the mind and body with a gentle stretch and flow to release any tension and leave you feeling Zen and ready for the weekend. 


‘Cast it into the fire’ flow

Our protective hearts sometimes keep things, emotions, and ideas safeguarded even if they no longer serve us. Join me for a dynamic vinyasa flow ritual where we cast one of these attachments into a symbolic fire – representing our commitment to letting it go.


Please bring along a (small) object for the class that symbolises something in your life that you are ready to release.


All levels are welcome, and if you usually work with props for hip, heart and shoulder openers, please feel free to bring those along too.


Yoga Zoo Edinburgh - Movement and mindfulness for junior yogis aged 4-12.  Yoga Zoo classes combine physical stretching and strengthening exercises from traditional yoga with calm breathing and mindfulness techniques. 


But most importantly we have FUN! Each class has a different theme, the EdYogaFest theme will be A SPACE JOURNEY! 

Class always begins with a physically or mentally exuberant activity to draw the children’s attention & expend excess energy that they have been carrying from their day. The class stays at a mid energy level with our sun salutation, creative sequence & game then gradually slows down to a close with relaxation and affirmations.


KOSA YOGA is run by Diane Christopherson, a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, based in Dunbar, East Lothian.  Diane is also a primary school teacher, forest school leader and surfer!  Diane started practicing yoga when she was pregnant with her eldest child (now 19) and more seriously 12 years ago.  Encouraged by her teachers, she started training as an Iyengar Teacher in 2017.  Diane loves sharing her passion for yoga and the outdoors and can often be found combining them both!   Expect lots of movement, fun and laughter in our 45 minute family yoga session.  Everyone welcome afterwards for a 30 minute clay craft session, making yoga minifigures!  Our family session welcomes children aged 5 and above.   


Ana Petrova is an Edinburgh-based fitness and yoga instructor, co-founder of Fit2Shine, female-only fitness community and a retired party animal. Spacey Beats Yoga is her tribute to the 5 AM chill-out tents at electronic music festivals, where everything and anything was possible.


It’s a free form of slow vinyasa yoga done to the beats of electronic music, from downtempo to experimental house to melodic techno to occasional electro pop, or, put simply, Ana’s Favourite Dance Stuff. 



Combining the power of electronic music and yoga, this playful class is a great way to let loose and unwind without necessarily having to stay up all night.