Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Abi Ponce Hardy is an Edinburgh based Vinyasa Yoga teacher. She found yoga while travelling and after discovering that it helped her physical and mental health a huge amount, she decided to take it more seriously. A regular practice became a part of her life rather than something she added into it, bringing what she practiced on the mat into her everyday life, love, kindness, patience, discipline and health. After completing her 200hr Teacher Training with Mudra Yoga in September she began teaching straight away, eager to show others what she learnt through this ancient practice. Yoga to Abi is a both physical and mental practice, combining movement and breath with a deeper exploration into oneself. She aims to provide a mellow, comfortable and welcoming space for your vinyasa practice to unravel and grow. 


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Alexis is a certified yoga teacher and student based in Edinburgh. Originally from California, she has been practicing amongst the Edinburgh community for nearly five years, taking part in various trainings and workshops primarily focused on vinyasa-style yoga. Outside of downward dogs and long savasanas, Alexis is an avid volleyball player and coffee drinker.     


Ashanga and vinyasa and ECY teacher

Amy began yoga with her mum 20 years ago and it has been her tool kit for life’s challenges ever since. She began teaching Anusara Yoga – a Vinyasa style – under the close tutelage of Bridget Woods-Kramer (fromTriyoga London) in 2004. She later teacher trained with John Scott as an Ashtanga Teacher and continues to assist him when he is in the UK. She is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and her extensive trainings in two styles inform her teaching. Her classes are well themed and sequenced often around a specific bio-mechanical alignment principle. This way students learn to practice intelligently and pain free; cleansing their bodies, supporting their nervous and immune systems and quietening the mind, whilst building strength and flexibility.


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I have been teaching yoga for 6 years, although I have practiced for many years. My practice deepened as I recovered, slowly but surely, from alcoholism. The asana practice, regular meditation and the study of Patanjali's Sutras have given me a gift for which I am eternally grateful. My classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to begin yoga or deepen an existing practice. I like to think that my classes are infused with warmth and humour and they are always based on my favourite word, kindness. My style is Vinyasa flow but I incorporate breath work, meditation and relaxation. With two teenagers, a fun loving husband, a mad dog and a wise old cat at home, life is certainly never dull! 


Transformational Coach and Breath Facilitator

Anne-Marie is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, Workshop Leader and Senior Trainer. As well as her own clinic she practices in and around Edinburgh and across Scotland. Anne-Marie was Scotland's first Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator in 2005. Her extensive training has included working with Judith Kravitz and participating in many Global Inspiration Conferences. Having qualified as a teacher and complementary therapist Anne-Marie is also a  Laughter Yoga Leader who  specializes in Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Kinetic Chain Release( KCR), Connective Tissue Release (CTR) and relaxing, holistic and remedial Massage Therapy as well as Transformational Breath®, .Anne Marie is passionate about how Transformational Breath®  continues to empower and transform her life and loves sharing this breath of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation and wellbeing with all.


Yoga Therapist

Beverley specialises in therapeutic applications of movement, breathwork, meditation and rest, creating a nurturing space for each individual to honour their needs as they find their way to feeling resourced and balanced, at any stage of life. She combines her extensive experience across the fields of Yoga, Psychotherapy, and Yoga Therapy in both private practice and group classes, and around Perinatal Life in specialist classes and sessions. Beverley is accredited with the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500), and a Registered Member with the BACP(MBACP). 


Hatha and pranayama teacher

Sannyasin Bijam (Dr. Jenni Connaughton) trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga Scotland and has been teaching hatha yoga since 2000.  She has loved pranayama practice since training with Philip Xerri in 2001 with additional training in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga.  Bijam says “As a retired psychiatrist, I love the power of the breath to help clarify and settle the mind”.


Forest yoga teacher

A juggler, a fire performer and flute player, Brian brings this playful and creative side of his personality into his teaching. He completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in September 2017. Initially Brian went on the training to deepen his own personal practice, whilst there he also discovered a love for teaching and is excited to share Forrest Yoga with those around him. He also fell in love with the bamboo flute during the training and decided that he needed to bring that sound into his own life and spread the joy that it brings. He's been playing it nonstop ever since and finds it a wonderful way to ground and relax himself and those around.


Yoga and Spin Teacher

Bridget loves to have fun and laugh every day. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her smile seldom leaves her face. With a passion for challenging workouts and a love of big tunes, her classes will push you out of your comfort zone and get you results, while having fun and smiling all the way. When not sweating in a class Bridget can usually be seen exploring, either around Edinburgh, or further afield.


Yin and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Pilates Therapist

I found both yoga and pilates in 2008 when an injury eventually forced me to stop and deal with my compulsive exercising and the remains of an eating disorder. Together the two practices gave me the space to just be and the space to find myself in amongst the chaos that my life felt at that point. Independently they supported me in different ways - pilates giving me inner strength and confidence, yoga helping me to find inner peace and self acceptance. I quickly went on to train as a pilates teacher, then therapist, but yoga remained 'mine' for several years more. In 2016 it felt right to complete my 200hrs in Yin and Therapeutic Yoga - a decision that brought more gifts to my life than I could ever have imagined. My yoga teaching style, I'm told, is grounding and peaceful, with a touch of laughter sprinkled in when and where it is welcomed. 


Vinyasa Yoga & ECY Teacher, Rise of Dawn Yoga

Dawn's yoga journey began at the age of 15, though her background and people around her at that time yoga and spirituality were never something that was really encouraged, however she felt a massive calling to it. Finding a video tape for yoga she practiced consistently with it for 2 years. Until a few lifestyle choices back then meant that yoga edged out of her life till the age of 25. It had always been in the back of her mind the huge benefits she felt as a teenager through yoga, it was no coincidence the practice found its way back into her life. At first when she began practicing again it was purely in the physical form, however quite quickly the amazing mental benefits crept in and began to help with the often toxic environments of working in nightclubs. It wasn't long before she was hooked on the life changing practice and knew that eventually she wanted to teach. Since then she has been a passionate and dedicated student to yoga in its many forms.


Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher, Mudra

Demelza was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Demelza has been practicing asana on and off for 10 years, but after reading the Bhagavad Gita at University as part of her studies 7 years ago she began implementing elements of yoga beyond asana into her daily life. Demelza grounds her practice and classes in both Classical and Tantric scripture and believes in allowing them to come to life somatically in the body. For her, Yoga should be a humbling practice explored with humility and integrity. Demelza loves, teaches and practices Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga, both separately and combined. Demelza is a huge advocate for both Yin and Vinyasa in creating a wholesome practice, leaving the body satisfied and the mind calm, allowing space for introspection and self study. Her classes and practice is greatly influenced by the work of Body Mind Centering, and increasing her's and her students awareness of their entire mind body being. 


Jivamukti & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Soulshine Yoga Edinburgh

Evelyn is the founder and director of Soul Shine Yoga Edinburgh. She completed  level 1 Jivamukti Yoga Teacher training in 1998. Her style of yoga is influenced by the Jivamukti Yoga Centre in New York City (where she's from), as well as Ashtanga Yoga, which she studied under the guidance of Sri K Pattabhi Jois in India in 1999. Her yoga practice also incorporates elements of dance & music.

For 17 years she's taught both Vinyasa yoga & Ashtanga yoga in New York, London, Madrid & Edinburgh, but she is drawn to the Vinyasa yoga /Jivamukti Yoga style more. "I enjoy the freedom of expression in these styles. I feel in this way I can bring awareness into my body at the time of the practise, and anticipate its needs." 

Evelyn always opens up her class with a devotional ancient chant accompanied with the beautiful sound of the harmonium. Her style is a wave-like dance flow of movements. An elegant yet physically challenging practice.

Evelyn's classes are not a set series; each class is unique in its composition. She sets weekly sequences for herself & shares them with her students.

Evelyn is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica.


Yoga Teacher

As someone who grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder, Georgie first got into yoga because she used to struggle to focus for more than a few minutes at any time. Mindfulness and the ability to focus go hand-in-hand. She learned she had the capability and power to focus her mind and train it like a muscle, strengthened through meditation, yoga, exercise, and self-discipline.

She encourages her students to connect with themselves and stay present by emphasising the importance of the breath and mindfulness. Her evident enthusiasm shines through in her teaching as she encourages her students to find out for themselves how a regular yoga practice can improve their life both physical and mentally.


Yoga Teacher

Hannah is passionate about the internal health benefits of yoga and emphasis's that her work is not centred on the gymnastic, visually aesthetic yoga postures, but rather focuses on the nurturing, deeper aspects of yoga. Hannah graduated with a degree in Psychology and has been actively working in mental health since 2012. She is passionate about making yoga as accessible and affordable as possible. During her classes, Hannah seeks to create a space where people from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes, and of all levels, are comfortable to connect their mind, body and breath through yoga.


Yoga and Dance Teacher

Heini is a yoga and dance teacher originally from Helsinki, Finland. 

Originally a dancer, Heini was introduced to yoga over 10 years ago through her dance studies. She became a certified yoga teacher in early 2011 and has taught yoga since then. Before moving to Edinburgh in 2013 she worked as yoga, dance and Pilates teacher both in Finland and in South-East Asia. 

Heini teaches several different styles of yoga, ranging from calm Yin yoga to more dynamic styles. She’s trained in anatomy and physiology of movement and breathing, and is focused on the therapeutic aspects of the practice. She sees yoga as a continually evolving practice that should be tailored to an individual’s needs, even in group classes. 

Heini is passionate about the science of yoga, and is currently undertaking doctoral studies on the psycho-physiology of breathing at The University of Edinburgh. Heini is also a member of the teaching faculty of Chi Therapeutics – Learning Lab that organises yoga teacher training courses in cooperation with Hot Yoga Edinburgh.



Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Yoga Folk and Mudra

I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and teaching since 2012. For me, yoga is more than just a physical practice, it is completely embedded into the fabric of who I am and I am very grateful to have this beautiful practice in my life.


I love to teach fluid, playful classes. I like to explore strenth and softness recognising the need for balance of these polarities in our lives both on and off the mat. 


I am also one half of Mudra yoga, we teach workshops and teacher trainings in Edinburgh.


Forrest Yoga Teacher, Leith Yoga

Janet is a Level 3 Forrest Teacher who has assisted Ana Forrest for trainings and workshops in Berlin and London. She is the founder of Leith Yoga in Edinburgh, a beautiful healing sanctuary offering Forrest Yoga classes for all levels and carefully selected guest workshops and teacher trainings. Janet has trained extensively within the Forrest system with Ana and senior teachers. Her passion as a teacher is holding a safe space for students to explore the healing potential of their yoga practice and how it can offer them tools to support them in their daily lives. As socially embodied beings, Janet believes we access our full range of emotion more profoundly when we feel safe and connected.


Vinyasa yoga teacher, Tribe

Jacob Mellish (A.K.A Surf Yogi), was previously a professional surfer in his hometown of South Africa. His classes reflect his wild nature and his teaching will take you on a creative journey to focus your mind and strengthen your body. He's known for his laid-back attitude and inclusive approach. Even through his most challenging classes he makes sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. 

If you don't catch him in class, you will find him upside down in a handstand, in around Tribe and Edinburgh!


Men's Yoga Teacher & Life Coach, Yogrow

John is a yoga lover and life coach who has been a community worker for 30 years. He is 22 years in recovery and first came across yoga through an Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach class. He recently travelled around the world and spent much of it learning and practicing yoga with yoga communities and teachers in many different countries. His passion is in making yoga more accessible and relevant to working class men in Scotland and he has recently set up the social enterprise Yogrow to combine his love of life coaching and yoga. He is also a passionate golfer and singer but thankfully his lack of skill at both, has very little impact on his enjoyment of these pastimes.


Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga Teacher, Karma Yoga

I am a certified Vinyasa, Prenatal, Postnatal, Yin, and Restorative Yoga teacher. I also have an extensive background in various dance styles having run a successful dance studio for 15 years. I founded Pay it Forward Croatia in 2010 and was passionate to establish Pay It Forward to Scotland after relocating here. Since starting Pay It Forward Scotland, I have collaborated with many local charities and, together with my amazing fellow yoga teachers, organised events and donation-based classes to benefit various communities around Edinburgh. I have previously taught Restorative Yoga to cancer patients and survivors for two years at Maggie's Centre and to woman who are at risk of domestic abuse at Edinburgh Women's Aid. For more information about me, please see my personal website: 


Kat discovered yoga while studying Philosophy at university; after leaving yoga classes feeling nourished and intrigued, she was inspired to set an intention to practice yoga at home every day. This intention produced a deep and profound commitment to dedicated self practice that eventually led her on a beautiful journey to teaching. Kat studied the traditional lineage and spiritual practice of yoga in south India, and has been teaching throughout Edinburgh ever since - her classes are focused on self enquiry and sensitivity, as well as growing strength and integrity within the postures. She combines her teaching with studies towards an MSc in Social Justice & Community Action, and hopes to utilise yoga as a means towards increased social equality. 


Yoga teacher, owner of Calm on Canning Street

My name is Katy and I have recently opened a new studio space, Calm on Canning Street. It is the accumulation of everything I have learnt over the last 10 years; from corporate life in London and Sydney to living off grid in Portugal and months studying yoga in India. I hope the studio is a space which is a sanctuary away from the busy world and helps people feel better. 


Yin & Resorative Yoga Teacher

I'm Kirsty and I teach Yin and Restorative Yoga here in Edinburgh. My classes are run weekly in Soulshine in Marchmont. I'm a very keen mountain biker and snowboarder. For the last year I've been teaching Yoga for Cyclists at the Edinburgh bicycle coop in Bruntsfield, where I've designed a class aimed at the muscle groups used in cycling. 


Vinyasa yoga teacher and minded yoga therapist, founder of Edinburgh Community Yoga

Laura is the founding director of Edinburgh Community Yoga and is a Minded Yoga Therapist (2016, 500 hrs.) and experienced yoga teacher (2012, 200hrs). She also has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree from London Contemporary Dance School.

 Laura works therapeutically both in groups and one to one with a particular interest in trauma informed yoga within forensic mental health settings.

 Laura also presents and lectures on the importance of body/mind practices for stress management and trains yoga teachers interested in working in outreach settings.

 Alongside her outreach work Laura also loves to teach Vinyasa flow and is also a qualified yoga for pregnancy and kids and family teacher.

“For me yoga in all its forms is about building a deeper and more compassionate relationship with yourself. I love the way the combination of mindful movement, breath and meditation can take us into a place of healing and I never tire of exploring the possibilities that offers us. “


Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist, Lena Fong Yoga & Acupuncture

Scottish born to Hong Kong Chinese parents, Lena has a background in Chemistry and has been an acupuncturist in clinical practise for over 14 years. She teaches Hatha, Aerial & Forrest Yoga where her classes include a unique flavour of Traditional Chinese Medicines principles. Lena loves to run beginners yoga classes & Forrest Yoga workshops around Edinburgh and also works for Yoga Warrior who delivers wonderful retreats in Scotland and Spain. She has 2 sons and is currently undertaking doula training to empower women towards a positive childbirth experience


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, We Heart Yoga

Mary is passionate about yoga and the transformation it can bring. For her, it is many things, but the most practical is the tool of self regulation. She believes the practice of yoga and integration can take many forms and loves nothing more than helping people find theirs. She loves to teach creative vinyasa classes, and has a great interest in meditation, mantra and the wisdom of nature-all of which are weaved into her classes and workshops. She has studied both vinyasa and yin and has an ongoing study of the principles of Ayurveda. She has a keen interest in the human body, understanding how this vehicle responds to the elements and environments around us. She is always looking for ways in which to develop her knowledge of the body, develop deeper connection to herself and those around her and of course, the practice of yoga itself which is a lifelong studentship.

She has been fortunate to study with some renowned teachers some of which include: Chris Kummer (Anatomy Show), James Boag, Simon Borg-Oliver (Yoga Synergy), Noah Maze, Ana Forrest, and Natalie Rousseau (Living Yoga) from who she gains most of her inspiration. Mary strives to continually evolve her teaching practice to deliver her classes with skill, compassion and wholeheartedness. Her classes are held in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment where students are encouraged to learn and develop within a community that brings varying levels of experience, but a common love and curiosity for the practice.


Vinyasa & Men's Yoga Teacher, Magpie Yoga

Spending most of my working life on building sites it's only natural that I would have a keen interest in taking yoga to men, especially working class men, who as far as social demographics go are probably one of the most under represented groups within the yoga community. 

Teaching for three years, I have a YOGA SCOTLAND.500hr qualification.

I concentrate my teaching in community centres in both the south west and the east end of Glasgow.

I'm most comfortable teaching a slow flowing hatha class with elements from opposite ends of the spectrum, from astanga through to yin.

Come along and join myself and my good friend John Arthur for a deep hip opening and Pranayama mini workshop.


Vinyasa Teacher

I am a vinyasa style teacher and love creating empowering classes with a dynamic and natural flow, as well as combining the physical practice of asana with philosophical enquiry and introspection. I believe yoga facilitates a beatiful connection to the self and the world around us, and encourage every student to find this within themselves. 


Yoga Nidra & Women's Yoga Teacher, All Being Yoga

Penny began practicing yoga many years ago and it has continued to play an important supportive role in her life through motherhood, a busy career and beyond. She has experienced the mind & body benefits yoga can deliver during challenging times in her own life and now hopes to share the magic of yoga with others through her teaching.

Following an ashtanga based teacher training with Meadowlark in Edinburgh, Penny has continued to train in more therapeutic approaches and in yoga for women. 

This has  included training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in both 'womb yoga' and yoga nidra. She is a qualified pre and post natal yoga teacher and has completed the MARK training for yoga for addiction and the Warriors at Ease training programme for yoga with military veterans. 


She  teaches gentle and therapeutic yoga  in Edinburgh and Ardnamurchan. As part of the ECY outreach  team, she shares yoga with veterans and also adults with ARBD (alcohol related brain damage). 


Yoga teacher

Rachel is a Canadian Instructor, but a traveler and Artist at heart who has found herself a new home within Edinburgh. As a former Registered Nurse, Rachel believes in the healing power of the yoga practice for not only the body in it’s Physical form, but for the Spiritual and Mental as well. Taking the lessons we learn on our Mats into our daily lives, Rachel’s teaching will focus on becoming more aware of your body, learning to listen to each expression within the Asana and how these effect us so we can utilize the lessons that arise into other aspects of life. “Yoga is the Practice of Practicing!”


Yoga teacher

Rose’s passion lies in healing and vitality through art-making and yoga. As an Art Therapist and yoga practitioner she understands how both of these practices work harmoniously together, encouraging a flow state in which healing can

occur in mind, body and spirit. Rose has a committed daily Ashtanga Mysore style yoga practice. However, she enjoys the creativity, expression and freedom of many different styles of yoga and movement. She adopts a Tantric philosophy of finding your own way!


Yoga Teacher & Yoga + Food Workshops, Yoga Beet

Sarah is passonate about wellbeing, mindful movement and real food. She leads Vinyasa yoga classes, food and yoga workshops aimed at inspiring people to find balance and wellbeing with ease. 
Her yoga classes are dynamic and energising with focus on the individual, finding space on and off the mat and most of all enjoying the moment.


Vinyasa yoga teacher, Sonoyoga

I have been practicing yoga for around 20 years with lots of amazing teachers around Edinburgh. My general practice is based around Ashtanga, and I spent many years under the wonderful tutoring of Rowena Warren (now Morris) at The Yoga Room. My original teacher training was with the Classical Yoga School (CYS) in Perth, where I gained a 200 hours RYS certificate in Hatha Raja Yoga, mainly concentrating on the principles and teachings of Ashtanga Yoga. However, we also had workshops on the teachings of Sivananda, Iyengar, VinyasaFlow, T’ai Chi and Shiatsu as well as teachings on the Philosophy of Yoga. Pranayama and the Chakras. Since then, I have gained a further 200 hour RYS certificate with Chi Therapeutics based in Finland. This covers the more therapeutic side of yoga including Yin, Therapeutic Hatha and Acupressure. I have also completed a CET course with Jambo Truong in Forrest Yoga as well as CPD workshops with Clara Roberts Oss in Vinyasa. This is where most of my teaching influence stems from today. My anatomy knowledge has been furthered with CPD weekends with Leslie Kaminoff, David Keil and Chris Kummer in anatomy and the art of adjusting. And I have recently embarked on a new anatomical journey with Gary Carter starting October 2017. As I am very active and also a keen cyclist and spinning instructor, I have a great interest in teaching yoga to people who do sports as I believe that yoga is a really good complimentary practice for every activity that puts pressure on the muscles, fascia and joints. My classes are generally a mix of yoga styles dependent on the class, but they will involve building strength, flexibility and stretching those overused muscles and fascia. I especially love teaching beginners as I really find it is so important to start from the basics and build a strong foundation in your practice. My speciality is teaching a mixture Yin and Yang Yoga for Sports and Flexibility, which are especially good for those with injuries or people who do sports.


Ashtanga & Rocket Yoga Teacher, Owner of The Yoga Room

My journey towards becoming a yoga teacher started in 1994, with gentle hatha yoga and meditation. From then I practiced a variety of yoga and movement styles, and stumbled upon Ashtanga yoga in 2003.
I credit a variety of great teachers who have influenced both my personal practice and my teaching. Firstly, Rowena Morris, Authorised Ashtanga teacher and previous owner of the Edinburgh Yoga Room, for giving me the opportunity to mentor her and teach at the studio. Krista Shirley, second series authorised Ashtanga yoga teacher, who has deepened my understanding of the asana practice. Lastly, my current teacher, Stephanie Snyder, based in San Francisco, who encourages me to find my own voice and share the rich yoga philosophy that inspires and supports my practice on and off the mat on a daily basis.
I am also a Yoga therapist. Yoga therapy adapts the practice, principles, and techniques of Yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems, which fits very well with my history of working in hospitals for years an as Occupational Therapist. Thus influencing my teaching style allowing me to seamlessly modify students practice within a group setting to fit their specific needs, keeping them safe and included within a class setting.
I studied at Colorado State University, and worked in hospital based settings from 1998 - 2011. My education included a comprehensive study of anatomy including gross anatomy and neuro-anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology.
As they say, ‘you teach what you need to learn yourself’. Discipline, patience, acceptance and love for self and others.’

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